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Woman Crush [Mary Lawas]

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Mary Lawas is an Adelaide based blogger and an art enthusiast, with a style of an effortless cool mixed with feminine.  


My colour is 'red' but I wear a lot of white.
My nickname is 'Mar'and 'Mezzy'
My craziest dream is  to move to a big city for a year and just create art
My Favourite ALIX YANG piece is  the Kira hoops in gold >> 





AY: What do you do as your job? 
ML: I am a full-time uni student studying visual arts, I also work casually at country road as a sales assistant

AY: What’s a typical day in your life look like?
ML: At uni I am constantly drawing/ creating and researching artists. (To be honest, it feels a bit too fun to be an actual uni degree sometimes). I also generally spend time with my boyfriend Adam, we'll usually grab a coffee together or walk his husky, Danger.

AY: How do you like to wear your jewellery?/What’s the role of jewellery in your style?
ML: I like to keep it simple and statement. Like that coco chanel quote; 'before you leave the house, take one thing off'. I regularly wear delicate rings, which hold meaning to me. Other than that, I love a good statement earring to tie together a simple outfit. I feel something as simple as an earring can really elevate your look.

  "I like to keep it simple and statement.
Like that Coco Chanel quote:
'before you leave the house, take one thing off'."

AY: What do you think about when you are alone?
ML: Food. Mainly chocolate.

AY: What were you like in high school?
ML: Elusive and very shy. I was generally friends with everyone, not just one particular group.

AY: How do you describe the current stage of your life?
ML: Transitional... and educational too.

AY: Who is the person that you really want to have a conversation with?
ML: Frida Khalo, because she was ahead of her time as a female artist and I would love to just sit and pick her brain and be inspired by her thought processes








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