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Woman Crush [Nicole Fang]

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Nicole Fang aspires to be many things
– a writer, photographer, entrepreneur and seasoned traveller who is currently based in Adelaide, South Australia.


My color is  emerald green.   
My nickname is  Fangster 
My craziest dream is  to be qualified for that Mars recruitment program 
My Favourite ALIX YANG piece is  the Jane Choker >>



AY: What about photography that fascinates you the most?
NF: Photography has always been a great medium of communication for me, simply because of the interactions conveyed through the camera lens and my inability to adequately express myself through words at times. How does one really describe a qualitative concept?


AY: How do you like to describe your art style?
NF: Completely temperamental with a little humor injected into the mix. But not much of it really makes it online.

AY: What is a typical day of your life like?
NF: Gym session to start the day, playing chauffer and chef for my little sister who is still in high school, my day job working on my company’s latest projects in the digital healthcare space and then crashing on my bed with tea, dreaming up of more creative projects that I’d love to pursue in my spare time. Oh and adding to my ever-growing list of the best coffee places that I’ve been to.


AY: What do you think about when you are alone?
NF: Probably reflecting on the latest news I’ve read, mentally updating my
schedule for the day or thinking up possible creative ideas to shoot on the
weekends when I have time.

AY: How do you like to wear your jewellery?/What’s the role of
jewellery in your style?
NF: Simple but statement pieces that can be versatile. Jewellery is a great way
to complete or change the effect of an entire ensemble. I love really dainty
pieces to the loud and proud. But it can’t really hinder me from
participating in my daily activities because a girl’s got things to do!

AY: How do you describe the current stage of your life?
NF: Slightly scared and bewildered at times, but I’ve got to keep a level head
for my sister as my family is currently split (for now) across two continents
due to our careers and academic schedules. But I wouldn’t ask for anything else.

AY: What do you usually do when you need inspiration?
NF: Sit in the hot tub that’s located downstairs my apartment. Or watch improv or
stand up shows. Humor has always been a great driving force for whatever I do. I love
British comedians because of their abilities to cleverly explore the most mundane situations. Ozzymanreviews is another great outlet for me as well that sits closer to home.



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