Woman Crush [Minna Leunig]

October 21, 2017

Minna Leunig is a Melbourne based artist working primarily in black and white pigments to create playful, primal and earthy images inspired by the natural world. Her work is characterised by a wandering hand and an intuitive lyrical approach to aesthetics.

My color is  red  
My nickname is 
 Min / Mindawgs  
My craziest dream is  to live in the country on my own property with dogs, horses, chickens, a studio space to paint in and a fully functioning veggie garden.
My Favourite ALIX YANG piece is  Kira Hoops in gold >>

AY: Why do you choose to become an artist? 
ML: Art has been a part of my life ever since I was young, so I don’t think I ever made the conscious decision to become an artist. It’s just something that has continued and evolved over the years, something that feels very natural. 

AY: How do you like to describe your art style? Any meanings or symbolism? 
I would say my style is graphic, playful, primal and intuitive. For a while now all I’ve wanted to paint are various plant and animal forms. I love illustrating them as unique species and individuals – full of character, personality and spirit, in a world that so often commodifies, devalues or destroys them. Having grown up in the country, animals (both native and non-native) and the Australian bush have had a profound affect on me, so I guess my work partly serves as some sort of homage. 



AY: What is a typical day of your life like? 
ML: At this stage every day is different and it's a bit of a juggling act. I'm still studying so some days I’m at uni, other days I’m working at my day job in conservation, and other days I spend on art jobs - either out and about or working from home. So right now I don't really have typical days… which is good on the one hand because there's a lot of variety, but I'm kind of looking forward to a time when I have a little more routine.

AY: What do you think about when you are alone? 
ML: Goodness… all manner of things! Lately I've been thinking a lot about my life path – what's important and what isn't.


"Not only does Minna have a unique and distinctive visual style, her work has an uncanny ability to be admired by all walks of life. Her interest in working with public spaces is adherent to the accessibility of her work. Minna’s contribution to the Melbourne arts scene is significant and I believe she is one to keep both eyes on."
– Bec Capp, Founder & Curator at Junior Space 


AY: How do you like to wear your jewellery? What’s the role of jewellery in your style? 
ML: I like simple, classic pieces by local designers, good quality pieces that will last. Hoop earrings are my favourite, I don’t tend to wear much else. 

AY: How do you describe the current stage of your life? 
ML: It’s a turbulent time! Some days I feel super joyous and excited about what lies ahead, other days I feel anxious and overwhelmed with how hard life can be. It’s like I’ve suddenly been slapped in the face with the reality of how quickly time moves along, and it’s a bit of a shock really. I’m becoming increasingly discerning about the things and people I spend my time and energy on.

AY: What do you usually do when you need inspiration? 
ML: I usually work with my energies, so when I reach a creative block I don’t push it. Instead I focus on something else – whether that be walking my dog, cleaning the house, running errands or just taking some time to relax.  


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