Interviews, inspiration, and insights into the AY brand.

The Hoops Guide

The 411 on ALIX YANG hoops, from big to small.

Love It, Layer It

We've curated a limited edition collection of fool-proof sets for stacking.

Jewellery Care Guide

A go-to guide for keeping your favourites in tip-top shape.

Drop II - Part II

Introducing part two of Drop II; The Solitaire Collection.


The sweetest necklaces you ever did see; Memento.

The Ultimate Chain Guide

A comprehensive guide to AY chains, from the basic to the bold.

Drop II - Part I

Say hello to your new fave basics, with Drop II - Part I.

Styling with @ionamac

Meet Iona Maclean, style muse and vintage fashion aficionado.

Behind the Scenes

Come behind the scenes on our Drop II campaign shoot.

Mother's Day 2021

Take a peek into our mini Mother's Day campaign shoot.



Ever wanted to peek inside the brain of a content creator? Meet Sarah, otherwise known as @e.s.j.a.y on Instagram. She's a stylist, content powerhouse, and curator of the most aesthetic IG feed you'll ever lay eyes on.