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Meet Jasmine Edwards of Jasmine and Will


Jasmine Edwards is the face behind luxe sleepwear label, Jasmine and Will. Fast forward from its launch in the mid 2010's, Jasmine and Will has become a go-to for those who understand the power of a stylish nap. We spoke to Jasmine for International Women's Day about how the brand came to be.

When you were little, what did you dream of doing or being when you grew up and why?

An Accountant by day and Tina Sparkle by night. Accounting was my favourite subject at school and ballroom dancing was my passion growing up!

Ok Tina, what are your daily wardrobe essentials now as a business owner and mother?

Right now my wardrobe has to work with pregnancy, a busy job, and some exercise squeezed in! I’m living in black leggings, crops, and tanks with a tailored blazer or trench and chunky sandals. Multi-functional!

What made you start Jasmine and Will?

I was frustrated by the sleepwear choices available in Australia so I developed some key pieces, launched an online store, and ran Jasmine and Will as a side business while I had a full-time job in finance.

I did that until I'd  built enough brand awareness to leave my corporate job and run Jasmine and Will full time. Waiting until I knew it was economically viable gave me the confidence to pursue my vision and back myself.

With creativity being so important in your industry, how do you continue to come up with fresh ideas and keep those creative juices flowing?

With sleepwear, a focus on cut and comfort is critical so much of my time is spent working with garment technicians and pattern makers to achieve the best possible quality.

The creative element really comes in with colour, textile, and print. We have a very simple and timeless aesthetic so I often find myself looking to interior designers for inspiration in this respect as opposed to fashion.

What advice would you give to other women who want to start their career in the fashion industry?

Lead with your head before your heart. A successful fashion business requires not just creative input, but strategic and financial acumen. Be willing to do the groundwork in these areas to enable the creative part to flourish.  

Spoken like a true finance guru! Now that you're running your own business, what do you enjoy the most about working alongside other women?

Camaraderie and mutual appreciation of the many hats we wear as women; mothers, partners, business owners, bosses.

Tell us three things you couldn't live without.

1. Pilates reformer machine. It's the best way to stay strong and mentally pause.

2. iPhone! It lets me work from wherever I need to be.

3. A large flat white aka. my morning ritual that signals the start of a new day. My husband has graciously taken on the role of morning barista in our house!

What are your favourite AY pieces?

I’m loving anklets at the moment and my go-to is the Zinnia.  

What do you love the most about being a woman?

Being able to bring new life into the world.


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