Ring Sizing

Ever wondered how to find your ring size? Here's our go-to method:

To measure the diameter of your finger, you can use a ruler to measure the width. To measure the circumference of your finger, you can wrap a thin piece of paper or rope around the finger and then measure the length of the paper/rope.

Find your ring size:
Size 3:  diameter - 14.1mm,  circumference - 44.2mm
Size 4:
  diameter - 14.9mm, or circumference - 46.8mm
Size 5:  diameter - 15.8mm, or circumference - 51mm
Size 6:  diameter - 16.6mm,  or circumference - 53mm
Size 7:  diameter - 17.4mm, circumference - 55mm
Size 8:  diameter - 18.3mm, circumference - 58mm