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Meet MUA and Creative, Millie Bac

In case you didn’t know…Millie is the model behind our ear jewellery content on our socials. She’s a talented and ambitious creative who has built her career in the social media industry as a Jewellery Model and Makeup Artist. Millie refers to herself as a “busy body” and loves the combination of working with clients, shooting and editing content in her day-to-day life. 

Millie chats with us about how she started her journey as an Ear and Jewellery Model, and shares what inspired her to start this career. Along with her go-to makeup products, dream travel destinations and hidden talents!

Tell us about yourself and what you do!

I’m Millie and I’m a Makeup Artist, Lash and Brow Tech, Ear and Jewellery Model, Content Creator and Bachelor of Arts graduate. My life and work are a little bit random, but I love everything I do and wouldn’t have it any other way! 

What inspired you to be an Ear and Jewellery model?

I’ve always been obsessed with multiple piercings, diamonds, and all things sparkly from a very young age. I used to collect precious stones and crystals when I was 8 and shortly after developed a love for jewellery. I would pester my mum almost every day to let me get my first helix piercing and I think she finally caved when I was 13. And once I started…I couldn’t stop. School definitely didn’t love me for having so many ear piercings, but I soon developed the skill of being able to cover them with my hair when I needed to hide them! Obviously with having 17 ear piercings you have to be careful when curating your ear stacks that you’re not doing too much. I’ve always loved looking at the stars in the night sky and decided that little diamonds and crystals all up and down my ear would look cute and beautiful just like the star constellations in the sky. Content creation is probably something I was doing before the ear modelling, as I did lots of art-based subjects in school including Photography and Media, and I really loved creating images where I would style my jewellery with an outfit or even with a pretty backdrop. It wasn’t until lockdown where I couldn’t work my usual job of being a Makeup Artist /Lash and Brow Tech that I decided it would be a good idea to keep myself busy with some ear content! 

You’re also a freelance Makeup Artist! What are your go to products? 

No matter how hard I try…I simply cannot go past anything from Charlotte Tilbury. If I had to pick 1 product it would have to be the Magic Cream. It doubles as a beautiful moisturiser and primer for under your makeup which will always leave you with that glowy base. I’m also a huge fan of any brow gels/ soaps as I have crazy brows that need to be locked down. 

As a talented Model, Content Creator and Makeup Artist; what approach do you use to manage your work-life balance? 

The reason why I love my work so much is that I have freedom in deciding when I do and don’t want to work. With that said, I’m a busy body and struggle saying no to clients/ brands, but it all works out in the end as I love what I do and have a good mixture of work between shooting, editing content and working with clients. I’m also big on going out for dinners on my weekends and catching up with friends then!

Is there a place you’ve dreamt of visiting? 

I’m also huge on travel and love an island holiday! I really, really want to go to the Seychelles. The landscape looks incredible and the water is so blue/ clear. I also really want to go to Norway to see the northern lights.

What are you grateful for right now? 

I’m so grateful for my family and friends, now that the world is a bit more normal in terms of covid. 

Do you have any hidden talents? If so, we want to know!  

Haha I was actually very musical when I was younger and can play a couple instruments including piano and guitar. I can also clear songs on guitar hero in expert mode :’)

Lastly, what are your favourite Alix Yang pieces right now?

I’m currently obsessed with the Jodi Earrings with and without crystals. I love stacking the plain gold and crystal in different sizes. The Danielle Hoops and Sara Earrings are also fun as they have the balance of the plain gold and crystal within one earring. My favourite necklace would have to be the Reeve Chain! It’s so chunky and the perfect standalone statement piece.


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